Put More Money in Your Pocket With Less Stress

Throughout the Elevate Mastermind you’ll discover the main small business owner pitfalls and how to avoid them. You’ll become aware of the key business systems that require little stress and flow smoothly.  You’ll better understand how to have a predictable amount of new clients and customers each week.

Do you want to learn the TOP 5 factors that will grow your business faster than anything else?

Are you ready for more sales this year with faster results?

Do you want this year to be easier with less overwhelm?

Would you like to tap into other successful small business owners in the Denver community?

The Elevate Mastermind is a 30-person group made up of entrepreneurs and small business owners, particularly in the professional services industry. The group is categorized as a mastermind as well as a consulting service. It is a place where clients can not only share best practices and biggest struggles but also network with each other to help grow each other’s business.  One-on-one consulting is offered and is the fastest way to get where you want to go.  Bottomline, the Elevate Mastermind is designed to give you a “Master in Small Business” skillset to create more money in your pocket with less stress. 


What Makes us BETTER and DIFFERENT?

My ideal client has been in business for at least 1 year and is not getting as far or as fast as they believe they should. They desire more profit, less stress, and more time freedom.  They are challenged by management, systems, sales, marketing, and purpose.  They feel they are stuck in the business and are not having as much fun as they thought they would be by now. They aren’t failing, they just have been blocked by many barriers that they either can’t see, or can see, and don’t know how to overcome them.  They still dream and still hold tight the vision for the business, however they are feeling blocked and need a fresh perspective, or a 30,000 foot view to see the next direction. They understand that they are very much self- employed, meaning they have a job and are their own boss, but they also understand that they don’t necessarily have a business – a place that makes money and does not need the owner on the production line to do it.  Does that sound like you? If yes, contact us today!

Dr. Keppen Laszlo has founded and served as CEO of four private companies and has been involved in turnarounds, joint ventures, and acquisitions. His most recent commitment was at a leading Denver law firm as a Chief Strategy Officer in which he helped grow the already seven- figure income an additional 67% in one year.  He has been a small business owner for over 25 years and has built and sold over 10 companies.  He has coached hundreds of small business owners throughout his career.  

Keppen is a best-selling author of the book Elevate – Self Awareness through Courage, Potential, and Fulfillment, and a contributor to two New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestsellers. He has been a featured speaker at Barnes and Noble and a frequent guest on NBC’s Colorado and Company.

He loves training business owners how to lead and grow their teams through core values, culture, purpose, and vision.  One of his biggest joys is teaching other entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations how to grow a life and business for success, achievement, and fulfillment. 

He is an expert in

He has helped companies like Enterprise, Natural Grocers, UPS, Da Vita, Red Robin, Ball Aerospace, Great West Financial, SlimGenics, A Precious Child, and many more focus on team leadership, organizational performance, wellness, and business strategy.

He developed the non-profit organization, The Elevate Foundation and served as the Executive Vice President for the Broomfield Community Foundation.

Dr. Laszlo is an award-winning speaker and although he has given the message of Elevate all over the country, he still has the duty of cleaning up coughed up cat hairballs at home. He is grateful for the mentors in his life that helped him find true success. He resides in Broomfield, Colorado and loves spending his time with his beautiful wife, their two fabulous boys, and is on purpose to inspire greatness through courage, potential, and fulfillment.


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We are currently growing our Denver Elevate Mastermind group. We meet as a group every six weeks in addition to the one-on-one consulting option.  If I can help grow your business, I will tell you.  If I cannot, I will tell you that too. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary strategy session.

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